Passion and Creativity

When was the last time you thought about fundraising? I’m fascinated by it. Very passionate people, who serve very worthy causes, come up with incredibly creative and effective ways to raise money and support. If you look closely you’ll find that passion and creativity are siblings. Where passion dwells creativity is often close by. When … [Read more…]

God’s Perspective

It’s been said you find what you are looking for. If that’s the case then the perspective we choose is important. We have two options when it comes to perspective we can take our perspective or we can take God’s. Our perspective is limited to the finite. That is on our own we don’t have … [Read more…]

A Burning Bush

Do you remember Charleston Heston’s Moses? If you’re over 30 chances are that’s how Moses looks in your head. The red and black robe, and the grey and white hair. And for most of us his story gets interesting at the burning bush part, right? So here’s the scene. Moses, the shepherd, is out tending … [Read more…]

First Timothy pt 2: False Teachers

Have you ever met someone who is directionally challenged? They have no internal sense of where they are or where they are going. But they keep going. Sometimes they are lucky and find their way and other times they are not and just get more lost. What these people need is a map. Doctrine is … [Read more…]

First Timothy pt 1: Love and Doctrine

Today we begin a study through the letter of 1st Timothy. Timothy was a partner with Paul in his missionary work and eventually became a pastor to the Church in Ephesus. And that is where we find Timothy at the beginning of his pastoral work. He is a young pastor and Paul writes to encourage … [Read more…]

The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

Many times we allow sin to remain active in our lives because we believe that no one is harmed by them. But the truth is all of our sin harms other people because all sin hinders our relationship with God and therefore, hinders our relationship with others. Put differently, my sin has global implications. I … [Read more…]

The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

Its funny how many red button situation happen in stories. You know what I’m talking about- The-don’t-touch-the-red-button-or-something-bad-happens scene. Generally someone touches the red button and chaos breaks loose. Which is great for the story but not so much for real life. But that’s exactly what many of us do. We push the red button of … [Read more…]