Ruth pt 4: The Bitter Sweet

Life is weird. Sometimes the best made plans become the biggest mistakes. Sometimes you think it’s going right and then it suddenly turns left. And sometimes it all goes to plan. The problem isn’t that life can be unpredictable but how we let it shape us. Here’s what I mean. Life can do one of … [Read more…]

Ruth pt 3: The Journey Home

When we read the Bible’s stories it’s helpful to remember that these were real people who lived in a real place. Elimelech, Naomi, Ruth are people just like you and me. That’s part of why their stories stick with us. We can relate and identify with them. God speaks to us through them because God … [Read more…]

Ruth pt 2: Moab

The writer of Ruth is brilliant. Truly. This little story is pack with meaning and layers of insight. It manages to tell the macro story of Israel and micro story of Naomi. It’s about the salvation of a family and a nation. And it’s all done with style. This is part two of our study … [Read more…]

Ruth pt 1: Abraham, Lot, and Elimelech

Ruth is a story of redemption. It’s the story of sin and rebellion and grace and mercy. It’s the story of a family and a people. It’s the story of you and me. It’s the story of God working to right our wrongs. The story of God’s love and provision even when we can’t see … [Read more…]

Sex and The Unity of The World

Sex is an event in time and space but its implication and purpose reach far beyond. It is a place where Heaven and Earth collide and overlap and merge and become one. And in order to understand this we have to first look at marriage. If you read the biblical creation account you will find … [Read more…]

God Is Love

So let’s talk about love. It’s all over the place; it’s an industry of ideas and images, words and sounds, movies and books, songs and television shows. The word is used at weddings and divorces, birthdays and funerals. It’s used to get lucky and sometimes it’s made. Love has brought peace and sometimes it has … [Read more…]