First Timothy pt 6: The Path to God

The importance of good doctrine is seen most clearly in how we handle Jesus and eternal life. And Paul as a good spiritual leader and mentor make sure that he reaffirms in the life of his student Timothy the importance of good theology and a correct understanding of Jesus and eternal life. There are few … [Read more…]

First Timothy pt 4: The World and Holiness

The relationship between Paul and Timothy is a great example of discipleship. Paul the older experienced missionary/church planter taking the young pastor Timothy under his wing and teaching him the skills of ministry. It’s important to note that while much of what Paul instructs Timothy in is good doctrine. And good doctrine always leads to … [Read more…]

First Timothy pt 2: False Teachers

Have you ever met someone who is directionally challenged? They have no internal sense of where they are or where they are going. But they keep going. Sometimes they are lucky and find their way and other times they are not and just get more lost. What these people need is a map. Doctrine is … [Read more…]

First Timothy pt 1: Love and Doctrine

Today we begin a study through the letter of 1st Timothy. Timothy was a partner with Paul in his missionary work and eventually became a pastor to the Church in Ephesus. And that is where we find Timothy at the beginning of his pastoral work. He is a young pastor and Paul writes to encourage … [Read more…]