Jonah pt 5: A Prophet And A Plant

Love and hate are often pitted against each other but they aren’t. They are a different side of the same coin. They are passion expressed with different words. The opposite of love and hate is apathy. And apathy is bad. The characters and stories we learn the most from are the ones that explore love … [Read more…]

Jonah pt 4: Jonah And The City

The great stories are able to repeat themes and ideas across multiple characters and events. They drive the theme home by showing how it affects different people in different places. Today we dive into the idea of rebellion and repentance. Let’s dig in. The Prophet After Jonah is regurgitated on the beach God re-commissioned him, … [Read more…]

Jonah pt 3: A Big Fish Tale

Today we talk about one of the most iconic biblical scenes: Jonah and the giant fish. For many people this is the whole of Jonah’s story and for some a reason to discount the whole Bible. And both would be missing the major theme of Jonah. God’s heart for the lost. The story of Jonah … [Read more…]

Jonah pt 2: Ships and Sailors

Movies have a formula they follow. The good ones hide it well with great stories and compelling characters. One of the great movie tropes is a dark storm. It signals something is about to happen; change is coming. Today we pick up our study of Jonah in chapter 1:4-17. With Jonah, a storm, and a … [Read more…]

Jonah pt 1: God’s Heart For The Lost

The best stories are built around characters with heart. You know, the ones where we say things like, “Man, she had a lot of heart.” or “He really poured his heart into that.” And when we talk about heart we are talking about what makes the person. People can have good hearts, or broken hearts, … [Read more…]