God Is Love

So let’s talk about love. It’s all over the place; it’s an industry of ideas and images, words and sounds, movies and books, songs and television shows. The word is used at weddings and divorces, birthdays and funerals. It’s used to get lucky and sometimes it’s made. Love has brought peace and sometimes it has … [Read more…]

Love One Another

What is the defining mark of a Christian? According to Jesus it’s love. Today we take a short look at the profound implication of Jesus command in John 13:34-35. Let’s dig in. Love As Jesus approaches the cross he begins to give his disciples instructions and encouragement. He is teaching them how he wants them … [Read more…]

Fathers and Sons

In Luke 15:11- 32 Jesus tells the story of a son who asked his father for his inheritance. Sounds kind of boring, right? And if you look at the facts it kind of seems generic. A rebellious younger son, and jealous older brother (His younger brother gets away with everything. I mean he lost half … [Read more…]

Rooted and Grounded

One of the most important things we can do is develop a rich understanding of God’s love. Most of us know a few Bible verses about God’s love, but we haven’t taken the time to really develop a deep and abiding sense of God’s love. In Ephesians 3:14-19 Paul writes to his friends about the … [Read more…]