Philippians pt 16: Final Thoughts

We call it a book. But Philippians is a letter. It’s Paul’s holy thoughts for his friends in Philippi.  It’s personal and meaningful. Imagine the time Paul spent writing and the eager anticipation that the Philippians had when they received it. And we have the privilege of reading and learning from it. Today we come … [Read more…]

Philippians pt 15: Think Different

Writing letters to friends has a certain stigma about it. It seems old and antiquated, slow and time consuming. But I think there is something to be said about taking the time to write out our thoughts and the ideas we want to share with friends and family. It freezes our thoughts and ideas on … [Read more…]

Philippians pt 12: Keep Pressing On

Children are small humans. It’s an obvious fact. They are no less and no more human than a fully grown adult. The same is true for Christians. A baby Christian is no less a Christian than a mature one. But sometimes we fail to understand that. In Philippians 3:12-16 Paul discuss what a mature Christian … [Read more…]

Philippians pt 10: Work It Out

When Paul writes to the Philippians it’s been about ten years since he arrived and helped plant their church. They been learning and growing for ten years. A decade worth of encounters with the Holy Spirit. A decade of friendship with Paul. So when Paul pens the 2:12-18 part of his letter he has two … [Read more…]

Philippians pt 9: Go All In

Paul is a missionary at heart. He wants people to see the value and glory of Jesus. He wants people to go all in; heart and soul. As we move into the second chapter of Philippians Paul begins to discuss Christ likeness. He shifts from “for the gospel” to “be like Jesus”. In Philippians 2:1-11 … [Read more…]

Philippians pt 8: A Worthy Life

Up to this point Paul has expressed how he feels for this church, shared his hopes for them, given them a glimpse into his current situation and why he continues in faithful labor. In Philippians 1:27-30 Paul issues a challenge and gives encouragement for suffering. This is part 8 in our study of Philippians the … [Read more…]